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Caccabus Playing Cards


17th-century witchcraft playing cards, manufactured with deluxe features in two limited editions. Designed as fine art playing cards.

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The solid tuck boxes of Vengeance of Witches are manufactured with hot stamped copper, red and black foil and deep, embossed artwork on alle sides. Both editions have a numbered tuck seal applied on the tuck bottom. Manufactured with exclusive tuck stocks that are sure to honor the spirits of the forest!

The Caccabus tuck box is manufactured with a black, soft-touch stock which is embossed on all sides. Copper foil and black/UV varnish is used in combination to honor the spirits of black magic and archaic energy.

  • A dark, occult theme based on the 17th-century witch-hunt
  • Limited edition (2,500 of each edition)
  • Deluxe copper/red/black foil on tuck exteriors + interiors.
  • Embossed tuck boxes with unique seals
  • Special texture tuck stocks
  • 100% unique pips & courts illustrated in hand
  • Custom, numbered seals placed on tuck bottoms
  • Metallic ink with gold pigment
  • 57 poker sized cards (52 cards + 3 extra + diptych artwork)
  • Printed by NPCC with premium linen finish

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 90 × 65 × 18 mm









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