Olde Fae Playing Cards


A fae twist on the classic card game, Old Maid. Featuring work from over thirty accomplished fantasy artists.

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Hollodvok the Elder describes the Fae as evil creatures with a penchant for murder and sabotage. He addresses their Queen as a mercurial creature named Titania.
Pesternackle the Aged says they are a fair folk prone to good natured mischief. He suggests that they are ruled by the Queen of air and darkness, Mab.
The ancient sage, Ficklewart the Learned, suggests that they are of two courts, one of the summer and the other of the winter and that they may snatch babes from the cradle and replace them with faery children, which he refers to as “Changelings”. I myself know all and none of these things to be true. But most importantly, I know enough to avoid faeries!
– Rindlepundle, the Lettered

A twist on the classic card game, Old Maid.  This deck contains over sixty unique, beautifully illustrated cards from over twenty fantasy artists from around the world.

Game play

This is a two player card game.  All cards are dealt to both players at the beginning.  Paired cards are immediately laid out on the table as they are matched.  Each turn, you pick a card from your opponent’s hand.  The game ends when all the pairs have been made.  The person holding the Changeling card at the end wins.

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Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 90 × 65 × 18 mm









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