Military Pin-Up Playing Cards


Poker size playing cards, combined Pin Up and military style

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Product Description

Pin Up style, or pictures of models or actresses whose mass-produced pictures were intended for informal display, i.e. meant to be “pinned-up” on a wall, gained its wide-range popularity during the First World War. For the soldiers they were a representation of an ideal beautiful woman and symbolised ones waiting for them at home.

In this deck, we combined Pin Up style with military style of current Ukrainian army – one of the strongest and most advanced armies of Eastern Europe. The characters are women of modern war – harsh and relentless, thus we tried to show more their force and restraint (which is inherent to the classic Pin Up style). Both on the box and the cards we have illustrated modern weapons and symbols.

Deck features:

  • 52 poker size playing cards + 2 Joker cards
  • Printed at the highest quality by the NPCC
  • Embossing and foil on the tuck box as a stretch goal
  • Varnish as a stretch goal
  • The second deck with marking system as a stretch goal
  • 100% custom design of cards and tuck box
  • Custom tuck seal

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Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 90 × 65 × 18 mm









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