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Dominus Divinus Playing Cards


Limited ed. deck with metallic ink and gold foiled, embossed tucks. Vol. II in the ‘Light vs. Darkness’ series by Nicolai Aarøe.

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Dominus playing cards hold two decks, Divinus and Obscura, and are the second volume in the series of deluxe dark art poker playing card decks. It is the artistic and spiritual successor to the Indictus playing cards, and this time each court card tells a unique story of fate, destiny, choice and consequence!

► Gold foiled and embossed tuck boxes (no printing)
► Deluxe matte and sturdy tuck boxes
► 100% custom design of cards, pips and tucks
► 2-way front and back designs
► Metallic ink with gold pigment on card backs + fronts

Visit Isolated Thunderstorm project page for details

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 90 × 65 × 18 mm







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