Kelly Gang Playing Cards


Go back in time to Australia’s wild colonial days. Featuring Ned Kelly, his Armour and notorious bandit gang.

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Product Description

From a time when European civilisation was only starting to take hold in outback Australia, Ned Kelly and the Kelly Gang waged war on property and all the props of civilisation—police, bankers, squatters, teachers, preachers, the railway and the electric telegraph.

Limited Edition Deck Features: 

• Step back in time to 19th century colonial Australia
• One-off maximum print run 1,000 decks
• All custom cards designed by graphic artist Eric Suswanto
• Gold foil on the tuck case with inner printing
• 310gsm premium German linen stock
• Manufactured and fulfilled in Europe by Noir Arts (NPCC)

Aces and the Gang, the villains of the deck are the four members of the Kelly Gang. These original illustrations capture the youth and destructive urges of the four outlaws, and each design captures a unique element of their outlaw character. The outlaws’ weapons are based on the weapons of choice of the actual Kelly Gang. Their Story, from Irish convict roots, the Kelly children were taught from a young age that the Irish could never expect justice under English law. That spirit is captured in this meticulously designed, original deck that tells the story of the Gang and their ultimate demise.

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Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 90 × 65 × 18 mm









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