Liberators Playing Cards


Inspired by brave people from tank divisions, who fought and lived during World War II.

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Product Description

Tank Masters playing cards is the original deck created by Sviatoslav Pashchuk. It illustrates the bravest men and women, who fought in tank divisions during World War II. Cards depict not only people, but also the most popular tanks from that period.

In this project there are two types of decks: the Liberators Deck and the Invaders Deck. These 2 decks represent 8 different countries that took part in World War II. The countries are divided into Invaders and Liberators according to the powers they belonged to, namely Axis and Allied powers. The only exception is USSR, which was included into the Invaders deck, as it was the aggressor in World War II towards Poland.

Main features:

  • Embossing and foil on the tuck box as a stretch goal
  • 52 custom playing cards + 2 Joker cards in each deck
  • 100% custom design of cards, pips and tucks
  • Custom Tuck Seals
  • Printed at the highest quality by the NPCC

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Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 90 × 65 × 18 mm









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